Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a drawing like primary school student

Too busy these days, just got no time to update the blog...
These days, we're really stuggling at what & how to do with our landscaping.  Too expensive to get professionals design and complete the whole frontyard , backyard, sidewalks..etc.     We shifted from the paving idea to stepping stone option and finally decided to go with concrete for both sidewalks..and then, decking ! TOO expensive ! But I still want deck in alfresco area,looks stunning but very pricy indeed !   So, I might look at sometime next year to do it when we have sufficient budget.   
Anyway,  for the rest , I meant the backyard, and front garden,  after a few quotes and a lot of searching from internet, I managed to draw a sketch , though it really looked like a drawing done by primary school student.  :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In the house

All moved in !  
I spent every weekend tidying up bit by bit ; Kevin was also busy with installing door stoppers, towel rails, sort of small stuff ,etc..It's really an interesting and enjoyable DIY experience that we never have before. We learnt from our unsuccess ,failures and we're very happy at the progress we're making now.    Bunnings is our must-be-place every weekend.  We bought  handy tools from there , though one or two is crap :P  and also got to know many useful things from the professionals there..
The house is still feeling quite empty, as we're still waiting for the blinds to be installed and two couch to be delievered..  The most headache stuff is the optical fibre, which we've been waiting for 2 weeks now and still yet to be connected , which is such a pain !! Life without internet is like a disaster to me :( 
No photoes today..will definitely upload more photoes when the internet is connected !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yeah ! driveway done ,finally

Rain, rain , rain...I must have to say, I loved rain, but just cannot stop hating it at the moment ... It has almost been a month since we quoted the driveway, and then, it rains, non-stop !  The water overflow situation is just getting worse at my sideway, and concreting got delayed like forever.... But, finally I get messages this morning from NP that he's gonna pour the concrete today ! What a wow ~~it's so great that in the next couple of days, we don't have to step on the mud.  Yeah !  

This weekend is gonna be busy, will hunt for the side-by-side fridge , it's shame we forgot to upgrade a tap behind the fridge  :( , so no luck in getting a ice-maker ...  will also look for a letterbox and some bathroom hardwares ...  All is about Moving ! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

some updates

It's been a month since we got the keys and I have to admit that I'm quite behind...

A few issues coming up, the main one is the drainage problem at my pathway. Although the drainer came on Saturday who did a lot of diggings and repairings claimed to fix the problems, the overflow situation is not getting better at all, even worse is that the smart wiring was cut off accidentally by the drainter .  I've talked to my SS and I agreed to wait another week "patiently" to see how it goes .  Because of this, my driveway is also got delayed which was previously scheduled on this Monday. 
I really want to get all the concreting done ASAP!

What else, I confirmed a qutoe on the pergola and blinds from homeoutlet; Dinning table, king bed has been delievered ... that's all.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I like my couch !

Yeah!! I'm very excited on our first furniture , yes ! it's two couches for both family room and the to-be theatre room :) We spent almost the whole day hunting for the good bargain, but I just cannot move away my eyes on these two lovely couches at OZDesign. The only problem is that it's quite light color which shows dirt easily and hard to maintain....well, just love it !  But we have to wait for 6 weeks to have it delievered to our house...

I also meet the concreter on Saturday , haven't received the final quote yet, but I want the driveway to be lined up a-s-a-p so that we won't have the fuss stepping on the mud .  My current big concern is the blinds and curtains.  We got a couple of quotes, TOO expensive !  What am I gonna do with those windows ? !

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ye!!! We get the keys!

Very excited ! The house is finally, formally becoming our own house !  There're quite a lot of keys though. We also received a gift from Carlisle Homes, a toaster and juicer :P

Okay, it 's time to think about concreting, paving, landscape, fencing, timber shutter, and many many things !!
A new era begins ! Cheers~~